• Urgent Appeal to Write to your MP

    15 October 2021 Our Chair Anne Rowberry has made an urgent appeal to members to write to their MP supporting an amendment to the Environment Bill which would protect pollinators from pesticides and is being debated on the 20th of October:   Dear Members, Protect Pollinators from Pesticides amendment update You may have seen in the news that the House of Lords has returned the Environment Bill to the House of Commons with amendments this week. One of which is particular interest to anyone who believes in the crucial need to protect all types of pollinators, including Honeybees. The amendment specifically requires that:  “Protection of pollinators from pesticides(1) A competent authority must not authorise for use any pesticide product, active ingredient, safener or synergist unless it is satisfied that there will be no significant short-term negative effect, and no long-term negative effect, on the health of honeybees or wild pollinator populations" htt...
  • Asian Hornet nest found at Ascot

    12 October 2021 NBU inspectors have been able to track Asian Hornets back to a nest in Ascot and destroy it. Searches continue for any other hornets in the area. The pages will be updated soon. -ends- 
  • First Confirmed UK Sighting of Asian Hornet in 2021

    8 October 2021  The first confirmed sighting of an Asian Hornet on the UK mainland in 2021 has been made at Ascot in Berkshire. We understand that a beekeeper found it near his hives. -Ends- 
  • Winners of 2021 Photo Competition

    Winners of the 2021 Photo Competition have now been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winner of each category receives a £40 Thornes voucher and the runner-up receives a £10 Thornes voucher.  Many thanks to Thornes for donating these vouchers. Category 1 - Wasps or Hornets Foraging Winner:   Mark Prescott for his photo entitled 'Cream Tea Guest' Runner-up:  Claire Waring Category 2 - Wasps or Hornets in Flight Winner:  Paul Davison for his photo entitled 'Angelica for Dinner' Runner-up:  Claire Waring Category 3 - Wasp or Hornet Nest Winner - Richard Hollingum Runner-up:  Mohsin Meghji - wasp nest in loft Many congratulations to all of our winners! Here are some of the other excellent entries:  
  • Save The Bees with BeeNailed

    Some of you may know me as your friend/family member and some of you may know me as your nail technician! As you know my nail business is called BeeNailed and the logo is an actual bee...I thought its a perfect match! So now I'm asking all my friends, family and clients to donate to help save our bees! Any tips I receive from clients will be put towards this fundraiser. Why? If bees were no longer on earth, we have no idea what foods will survive without them! If we lose all plants that bees pollinate, the animals that eat those plants will no longer have food, therefore many ecosystems and food chains will fail. So please, donate!
  • Becoming a Beekeeper

    Where do I start? Contact your local BBKA Association for advice, tuition and support and consider becoming a member.  Most associations run ‘Taster Days’ which are ideal for obtaining a basic understanding of bees and what is involved in beekeeping.  This can be followed by an ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ course where you can learn some of the theory required to be a good beekeeper and gain valuable practical experience before you make any investment in equipment and honeybees.  Your local association will also be able to assign you a mentor who will be able to help as you start to keep bees for yourself. There are over 270 area associations and branches who serve their local area with support and education.  To find your nearest branch click here. What equipment will I need? Minimum equipment needed for keeping bees:- A suitable hive Protective clothing – a beekeeper suit and disposable ‘Marigold’ type gloves that...
  • Schools & Community Engagement Officer

    A generous legacy gave rise to the concept that the BBKA office building and apiary garden could be re-modelled to provide the facilities needed for an educational visitor centre aimed at schools and community groups.  The vision is to invite groups to spend time with us learning about honey bees and pollinators, their importance to the environment and how this aligns to the National Curriculum.   We are now in the process of recruiting a Schools and Community Engagement Officer to work with us to get this exciting project ready for launch and to continue to develop and grow the programme moving forward.  The closing date for completed applications is Wednesday 3rd November 2021. For a full Job Description and application details click here. Work has been completed to extend the office building in order to create a modern training hall which is bright and airy and includes all of the latest equipment.  This includes a kitchen area and disabled toilets. Exten...
  • Media Pack

    Latest Media Pack information for BBKA News Magazine Editor, BBKA News:   Mrs Sharon Blake Email:     Tel: 01460 242124 Deputy Editor, BBKA News:    Dr Christine Knott Email:     Tel:  07765 130203 Advertising Sales, BBKA News:  Mrs Sally Carter Email:    Tel: 07989 533495 Advertising Rate Card Advertising Booking Form Technical Details - Advert Sizes Technical Details - Artwork Specification Terms & Conditions
  • Asian Hornet Week 2021 Presentations

    Welcome to Asian hornet week 2021 There will be  a Q&A broadcast live on BBKA's YouTube channel on Friday 10th September at 7.30pm. To submit questions please email or join us on Friday. Update on Asian hornets 2021 by Nigel Semmence  YouTube Video Dr Peter Kennedy's talk covers work done by a large body of European researchers all involved in the Atlantic Positive project YouTube Video Eleanor Jones presentation on Asian hornet diet YouTube Video Asian hornet nest summary YouTube Video Asian hornet update from Ireland YouTube Video
  • Are Disabilities Barriers to Beekeeping?

    Living with a disability makes you rethink many aspects of life, including whether you are able to become a beekeeper, as Zec Richardson explains. All photos are courtesy of Zec Richardson. I first took an interest in beekeeping around about 1994. One summer, every lunchtime at work, I would sit outside behind the aircraft hangar where some bees had nested in an old hut that had a hole in the door. I sat close by and some of the bees would land on me before going into the hive. It was then that I became interested in bees. My wife had always said that if we had a garden over 70 feet long, I could then have a hive as she is not the most confident with bees, wasps or anything that flies near her. When we moved into the property we are living in now, the garden was 100 feet long, but she laughed and said: “no chance”, before I had said anything. So, it was a shock when one day, out of the blue she turned to me and said: “Okay you can have a hive!” Weighin...

The Association's apiary in North Shropshire


The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire. We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members old and new can gain experience in handling bees.

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visionWe encourage and develop
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The North Shropshire Beekeepers' Association - to encourage and develop the art and science of bee keeping