• Marin Anastasov talk: Nutritional requirement and supplemental feeding

    Marin Anastasov talk: Nutritional requirement and supplemental feeding Nutrition is a basic biological need and the pre-requisite for a healthy and productive colony. Carbohydrates provide bees with the energy for flight, movement and heat, while protein, fats, vitamins and minerals are needed for the growth, function and development of the colony. This talk will cover the importance of different nutrients to both individual bees and to the colony and will look at the different types of feed required at different times of the year. It will describe when, how, and what to feed bees, the different types of food available, and the various types of feeders.
  • Winners of Photo Competition Announced

    Friday 27 November 2020 The Winner of the 2020 BBKA Photo Competition has been announced as Paul Davison of Newcastle for his wonderful picture of a wasp feeding. Entrants were asked to provide any photo of a hornet (European or Asian) or of a wasp or any device invented to trap them alive.  Mr Davison will get a £100 Thorne's voucher to spend on bee equipment.  The runner-up was James Mellor, from St Leonards-on-Sea, who captured a sharp shot of a native European Hornet in the grass.  Congratulations to them both!  You can support our work to combat Asian Hornets Save the Bees  -ends-
  • Spring Convention Survey

    The BBKA Spring Convention Committee would like to find out opinions about the 2021 Spring Convention. Please help us plan a great event by taking part in this short anonymous questionnaire. BBKA Spring Convention Survey
  • Seeking views about BBKA Spring Convention 2021

    The BBKA Spring Convention Committee would like to find out opinions about the 2021 Spring Convention. Please help us plan a great event by taking part in this short anonymous questionnaire. BBKA Spring Convention Survey
  • 2021 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers Cancelled

    Wednesday 25 November 2020 The 2021 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers which was due to take place in Slovenia has been cancelled. In the current pandemic, the organisers decided that they could not guarantee the wellbeing of the participants so the meeting cannot go ahead.  The objectives of IMYB are for young beekeepers to meet new friends from around the world, exchange their experiences and explore new cultures. The Slovenian team said "We hope you understand the decision. Hoping the situation gets better, we plan to meet you all in 2022 in Russia and then back again in Slovenia in 2023!"  The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) sends a team to the IMYB and will be informing next year's participants about the cancellation.  -ends-
  • Thank you for your exam or assessment payment

    Thank you for your exam or assessment payment You should receive a receipt by email when your form has been checked.
  • Prof Tom Seeley Spring Convention videos

    Many of you have asked for videos of the lectures you would have seen at the Spring Convention. BBKA is grateful to both the C.B.Dennis Trust and the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers for generous sponsorship of all three recordings below.  These have been provided by Professor Tom Seeley, of Cornell University, who was to have been a speaker at the Convention. We hope you enjoy them!    Lecture 1: Bee Hunting. This presentation will show you a fun way to locate wild colonies of honey bees, using the tools and techniques of a bee hunter. It is a kind of treasure hunt, though these days the treasure is the discovery, not the honey in the bee tree. Sometimes, though, it will lead you to a beekeeper's hive, but that is fun, too! YouTube Video Lecture 2: The Lives of Bees. This presentation will give you an overview of what is known about how honey bee colonies live in the wild, that is, when they are not livin...
  • Waxing Lyrical with Joyce Nisbet

    Waxing Lyrical, Joyce Nisbet,  BBKA, 14th December 2020 7.30pm Joyce will describe some of the techniques that can be used to produce candles and other attractive beeswax items, whether for showing or as gifts.   Having started beekeeping in 1990, Joyce is now a Master Beekeeper, BBKA Honey Judge, BBKA Trustee and Chair of the BBKA Spring Convention Committee.  After being impressed by high-quality wax exhibits in Honey Shows, Joyce improved her wax preparation skills by attending lectures and workshops on the topic.  This then led to her being involved in creating wax items for displays by North Shropshire Beekeepers at the National Honey Show.  {Please note in order to attend you will need to register via the Zoom registration link you will receive in your email once you have 'checked out' at the shop} These talks are free but we would welcome a donation to one of our appeals Save the Bees or Apiary and Education Please add a ticket below an...
  • HIve under attack

    Eric Darrouzet from the University of Tours has just released a great YouTube video showing the level of hornet activity seen in France outside of honey bee colonies both in a managed colony and a wild/feral colony in a wall and the consequences on honeybee activity. YouTube Video
  • Braintree division honey show 2020

    BRAINTREE DIVISION HONEY SHOW 2020 – YES, IT DID GO AHEAD! Braintree Division held their Annual Divisional Honey Show as normally as possible under the current Covid restrictions. The show was well supported with 25 members making a total of 87 entries. A risk assessment was undertaken and measures were put in place to keep everyone safe. A gazebo was erected at the entrance of White Notley Village Hall and everyone brought their exhibits packed up in boxes and left them on the table. The Show Secretary and two stewards afixed the show labels and took the entries into the hall. Masks were worn, hand sanitisers were provided and we adhered to the White Notley Village Hall Covid guidelines at all times. Participants were able to purchase Thornes beekeeping equipment from our sales table and as all beekeeping trade fairs were cancelled this year it was a great success. In fact you could say that we held a mini National Honey Show in White Notley Village! Our Show Judge was J...

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