• Honey Heroes Competition launched by Ocado

    Ocado enlists Nigella Lawson to help create a buzz about Britain's back garden beekeepers     Leading online supermarket Ocado launches a nationwide competition to crown a small British honey producer as star of the jars, with help from food writer and TV cook Nigella Lawson and the British Beekeepers Association The winner will receive £2,000 and the opportunity to get their honey listed on (T&Cs apply), alongside other British honey producers like Black Bee Honey, Daylesford Organic and Scottish Bee Company Entries are open from 20th May- 28th June 2024 For details and to enter, visit:  20th May 2024: on World Bee Day, online supermarket Ocado launched a nationwide competition, to celebrate back garden beekeepers and find the finest small-scale produced honey in the UK, with help from Nigella Lawson and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). The competition, which seeks to champion Britain’s s...
  • BBKA Zoom Talks

    The BBKA are putting on a series of Zoom talks for beekeepers which will also be streamed to YouTube for those unavailable to watch live.  Next Talk The next of these talks will be "Food Safety for Beekeepers" with Andy Pedley on Tuesday 18th June 2024 at 7.00pm  Andy has been keeping bees for 30 years and, as an EHO, developed an interest in the law on food safety as it applies to beekeepers and honey production.  He realised that there was a fair amount of misinformation and traditional, but not always good, practice among beekeepers. In 2009, he authored a series in BeeCraft on the Food Safety Legislation and has authored other relevant articles for them too on the Honey Regulations and Recycling jars. He has recently worked more on the nuts and bolts of food safety for beekeepers and has presented talks on this and the Food Safety law as it applies to beekeepers at the National Honey Show and to local associations. Northern Bee Books asked him to produce a...
  • May

    Ian Campbell, Newcastle & District BKA and BBKA Social Media Manager May is always a busy month! A spell of warmer weather may well result in colonies looking to swarm. Inspection frequency Ideally, inspect at least every seven days and every four to five days for colonies at higher risk of swarming. Look carefully for any early signs of swarming. This is when it is really handy to know the queen’s life cycle (see p 10). Remember, bees always start building queen cells the moment you close the lid! Then it’s up to eight-and-a-half days until a queen cell is sealed. Importantly, this can be considerably shorter if they start with a larva instead of an egg. You know what happens next! The photo above was taken 96 hours after introducing a test frame into a colony; they produced multiple sealed queen cells. On that basis, checking earlier is better than later. Entrance blocks These can removed if entrances are congested, but it’s not essential. Smal...
  • Honey Glazed Sesame Tofu

    Savoury, hot, and sweet, this honey glazed tofu is speedy and delicious. The tofu is lightly fried before being doused in the punchy dressing. It’s great served with steamed rice or noodles and wok-fried greens dressed with a little extra soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil. The dressing can easily be doubled and made ahead. It also works well with pan-fried prawns, or diced chicken, making this a versatile and simple dish for supper.  Serves 2              Preparation:  15 minutes            Cooking:  12 - 15 minutes Ingredients 300g               Tofu, firm or extra firm 2 tbsp             Cornflour 2 tbsp             Vegetable oil 1 tbsp             Sesame seeds 4...
  • BBKA News Magazine

    BBKA News is our member magazine, with a circulation of around 30,000 every month, devoted to beekeepers and the honey bee which is mailed directly to all registered BBKA members each month. Current members can also access previous copies of BBKA News via the magazine archive which is fully searchable.  You will need your membership number and postcode to login. Become a BBKA member to to receive your copy of BBKA News every month and to access the full BBKA News archive.  You will also enjoy the following benefits: Monthly membership magazine - BBKA News Information and advice on beekeeping £10m third party public liability insurance £10m product liability insurance Beekeeping examinations from beginner to the highest level Annual Spring Convention  If you wish to advertise in BBKA News please see our Media Pack for further information.
  • BBKA Basic Standards

    For Learning Materials, Video Materials and Training Events. These standards have been adopted for BBKA education and training resources including publications, website materials and BBKA learning online resources. Existing materials will be updated as the review date of each piece of material arises.  ●     Clean, gloves (Nitrile disposables for preference) - absolutely no leather gloves, or bare hands.  Caution about use of latex gloves because of allergies. ●     Good combs in hives - clean, not dark coloured (unless using for reference to comb changes). ●     Clean bee suit - done up correctly - no shorts, bare sleeves or sandals whilst wearing a bee suit or in apiary. ●     Clean, tidy apiary. ●     Wax scraps disposed of properly into a receptacle with a lid (good to show “wax bucket”). ●     Mesh floor debris disposed of into a bin...
  • Asian Hornet Events

    Media Support and Tips for AHAT Teams, Tuesday 30th April 2024, 6.00pm Advice and guidance from Kirsteen Thorne, BBKA Outreach Officer, for AHAT Teams on how to engage with the media and make the most of interview opportunities with regard to Asian hornet awareness.  Watch the recording: Asian Hornet Conference:  Saturday 17th February 2024 This year’s online conference provided updates from the NBU, Kent and Jersey together with further information as to how beekeepers fit into the fight against the Asian Hornet. Nigel Semmence: 'An Update from the NBU' Martin Smith; eR2 Project Manager: ‘Communication is the key’ Kirsteen Thorne;  BBKA Outreach Officer Alastair Christie:  'An update on Jersey and what BBKA could learn from the Jersey Experience'  Jackie Aucott: An update from Kent Questions and answers from the 2024 Conference: eR2 Questions NBU Questions BBKA Questions for Defra a...
  • Andrew Durham Asian Hornet Presentations

    Asian Hornet presentations by Andrew Durham: Asian Hornet The Beekeepers' Guide - Integrated Control in the Apiary   Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide - The Hornet & The Honey Bee      Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide - Integrated Control in the Area Around the Apiary     Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide - The Electric Harp plus Additional Information Asian Hornet Special Briefing for Beekeepers September 2023 Part 1 Asian Hornet Special Briefing for Beekeepers September 2023 Part 2
  • Planting 150 Year Anniversary Trees

    In 2024 all member Associations and Branches have been given the opportunity to plant sesquicentennial trees in their apiaries, funded by the BBKA as part of the 150 year celebrations.  Honey bees, bumblebees and many other species depend on trees for food, and the BBKA trees will last well into the future - even another 150 years! Whitehaven and District Beekeepers' Association planted their BBKA 150th anniversary tree in their apiary. Maldon & Dengie 100 Beekeepers planted a crab apple tree in the orchard at Langford where their apiary is located. Members from all three Associations of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation turned out to take part in the planting of a tree in acknowledgement of 150 years of the British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA). The planting exercise was a real joint effort from all involved! The tree was a John Downie crab apple (Malus Sylvestris). Wokingham and District Beek...
  • Honey & Earl Grey Tea Bread

    Halfway between a tea loaf and soda bread, this anytime treat suits a chilly April morning or a warm spring afternoon. Aside from soaking the fruit overnight, you can throw this together in a matter of minutes and the loaf will keep well for several days. It’s also excellent toasted and spread liberally with butter. Earl Grey tea lends a citrussy note, but you can use your usual favourite tea, just be sure to make a strong tea liquor. If you’re not using Earl Grey tea, adding the zest of half a lemon or orange tastes great too, though too much will overpower the delicate tea and honey flavours. April 21 is National Tea Day; what better reason to get baking and enjoy a slice with a cup of tea!  Makes about 10 - 12 servings.      Hands on time:  20 minutes      Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes + overnight soaking Ingredients 550ml             Strong Earl Grey tea 400g       ...

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The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire. We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members old and new can gain experience in handling bees.

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