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New queen needed?

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13 Jun 2021 12:34 #9 by Carol285
New queen needed? was created by Carol285
3 weeks ago, 22/5/21 we had had queen cells and superceedure cells for a couple of weeks so we moved our queen with 5 frames with brood, bees and stores to a second hive and left the original hive, which had drones in for 21 days. 
Unfortunately we have definitely lost our original queen we moved to hive two and there are a few bees still in that hive keeping stores but that's all - not sure  if due to the bad weather end of May but we did put sugar syrup in with them.
We have had a look in our original hive today 13/6/21. Its still busy and there is lots of honey being produced. there are a few drones and still a capped queen cell and a couple of superceedures but no sign of a laying queen - no eggs or brood. Is it too early to show yet?
We now don't know what to do - do we need to get another queen before we loose this hive too?
Any advice would be much appreciated
Thanks Andy & Carol

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23 Jun 2021 08:17 #10 by admin
Replied by admin on Question New queen needed?
Email sent.

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