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North Shropshire BKA AGM
Tuesday 17 October 2017, 07:30pm
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There are several vacancies for the coming year on the committee. If you are not already a Committee member please consider taking on a role or a shared role.







Executive Committee Members




Chairman (Exec)




  • Providing leadership for the committee in their role of setting the strategy and policy of the association

  • Chairing and facilitating meetings

  • Representing the association at appropriate events, meetings or functions

  • Acting as a spokesperson for the association where appropriate








General Secretary (Exec)

Essential / fundamental


  • Writing up and chasing items for the Agenda for committee meetings and AGM

  • Writing the minutes for the committee meetings and AGM

  • Acting as the first point of call for communicating with BBKA

  • Managing the association members distribution list

  • Distributing the association newsletter electronically - printing off and posting association newsletter for non-email members.

  • Acting as a first point of contact and communication for general enquires from general public etc

  • Letter writing for and on behalf of NSBKA

  • Preparing annual  swarm list of members

  • Distributing annual membership forms

  •  Act as a Spray Liason Officer for NSBKA (on behalf of BBKA)

  • Updating NSBKA committee details with BBKA

    1.            Good I.T skills
    2.            Good organisation skills








Association Treasurer (Exec)


  • Keep the accounts - checking that they balance with the monthly statements

  • Collect / pay in the subscriptions

  • Pay out - BBKA membership and BDI

  • Pay in any other monies received

  • Pay out any expenses incurred once checked and approved

  • Report to the Committee

  • Annual Report to the AGM

  • Issue BDI certificates






Committee Members




Apiary Manager




Primary Responsibilities


  • Liaise with Pim Hill to ensure they are aware of and happy with ALL dates
  • Manage colonies throughout the year maintaining records for all colonies
  • Take actions to remove aggressive and following bees.
  • Health and Safety of apiary
  • Ensure members park their cars in designated area
  • Maintain risk assessments for apiary and apiary meetings




Secondary Responsibilities


  • Coordinate the management of the colonies with reference to NSBKA events and Education/Training requirements.
  • Draw up an annual plan for apiary
  • Advise Secretary and Newsletter editors of any communications about apiary
  • Coordinate apiary assistants
  • Beesuits to be washed as required and kept in a dry place to ensure they do not go mouldy
  • Recommend purchases of additional equipment required to Committee
  • Arrange purchase of disease/pest treatments and feed for colonies as required
  • Maintain an inventory of all equipment and colonies




Honey Production


  • All honey produced belongs to the NSBKA
  • Coordinate extraction of honey as required
  • Store honey
  • Arrange purchase of jars and labels as required
  • Arrange jarring and labelling for NSBKA honey as required for events
  •  Provide Treasurer with record of all honey sold and honey in storage for association records.
  • Provide Pim Hill with honey on a regular basis and a Christmas card from the Association.








Newsletter Editor(s)




  • Time Required:  20-30 hours a month.

  • The role can be done by one experienced bee-keeper, or job-shared between two (one experienced, one possibly less so).

  • The editor(s) need to be visible member(s) of NSBKA, able to attend most if not all Association events.

  • Basic computer and word processing skills, internet access, and the ability to take and manage digital photographs are all necessary.

  • Other requirements include: liaison with Committee members for Association input; the ability to obtain articles and photographs, or produce them if copy is short; and sufficient time management skills to ensure publication on 1st of each month.










Education Secretary 


  • Actively promote BBKA Basic assessment and arrange training 
  • Encourage and support members to study for and take the BBKA assessments appropriate to their experience and ability; 
  • Promote and encourage ‘self -help’ study groups
  • Organise and promote training courses and events as agreed with Committee, such as the 'NSBKA Taster Course' and 'NSBKA Hands on Training'. 
  • Provide application forms and syllabuses; ensure that these are the current editions. Downloaded annually from the BBKA website 
  • Download annually from BBKA website; a list of the approved Examiners for the Junior and Basic Examinations, the Examination and Assessment Fees and Entry Dates list. 
  • Receive applications to take BBKA examinations; check eligibility, countersign and forward them to the BBKA by the due date; 
  • Receive all Certificates and arrange for their early presentation at a major Association Meeting, coordinating appropriate publicity - including appropriate congratulations to any successful candidates in Beelines; 
  • Make an annual report to the NSBKA for AGM 
  • Maintain a list of all exams undertaken and results for NSBKA records




Basic Assessment 


  • Agree dates and arrange a qualified Assessor and an appropriate apiary. 
  • Provide suitable facilities for visiting Assessors. 
  • Ensure a 'third' person on hand during the assessment with functional mobile phone  






  • Arrange the place/venue for the written examinations. 
  • Recommend the Invigilator and notify the BBKA 
  • Notify the BBKA and Candidates of the time and venue for the written examinations 
  • Issue rules for the written examinations prior to the Examination.
  • Support candidates afterwards, especially any unsuccessful candidates










Events Co-ordinator




  • Compile the annual calendar of meetings and apiary visits.

  • Contacting and confirming speakers. Following up with thank you letter.
    Booking venues.

  • Ensure attendance lists are completed at NSBKA events. Provide 
    relevant H&S and precautionary information for apiary work.

  • Organise and book Association Christmas Dinner.

  • Organise, distribute and monitor refreshment rota for meetings and 
    apiary sessions. Deliver (or ensure delivery of)  tea coffee etc. 
    for each meeting












Membership Secretary


  • Prepare and send out renewal notices October / November Co ordinate with the treasurer when payments come through and update new list Finalise list for the year at the end of January Once all members paid, produce swarm list and bee inspectors list During the year act as point of contact for new members, sending out joining forms, answering questions.
  • Register new members with NSBKA and BBKA Keep other committee members updated on membership.






Association Webmaster


  • To host the association website


  • To maintain information on the website in an up to date manner. This primarily requires two key periods of activity:
    • November/December - update new committee details (post AGM), following year's programme details and membership contacts
    • March/April - update membership contacts (after renewals) and swarm collection list (prior to swarming season)
  • Library book list, useful links, forthcoming course info etc. updated as required
  • To produce the fold-out printable annual programme booklet




  • To redesign or refresh the website, develop the content and photography
  • Chance to develop/practise technical web design skills




  • Access to computer, suitable web-design and photo editing software and web hosting space
  • A reasonable level of technical skills in web-design
  • Design awareness






  • The librarian looks after the stock of books held by the NSBKA.  This involves:

  • Keeping the books clean and dry and in a safe place

  • Keeping records of the loans and returns to any member of the association

  • Being available for collection or return from home or other agreed place

  • Making the books available at association meetings

  • Maintaining the central list of stock on the NSBKA website.

  • Undertaking an audit of stock

  • Directing enquiries about reference books for study to the education officer or other appropriate member


Location Tilstock? ?Village? ?Hall

The Association's apiary in North Shropshire

The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire.

We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members new and old can gain experience in handling bees.

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