ZEIDLER snapshots - International Tree Beekeeping Movement

ZEIDLER snapshots - International Tree Beekeeping Movement

Tree beekeeping is an old tradition which has survived in Russia, brought back over Poland to Switzerland and now spread around to Germany, England, Luxemburg, France, etc. The return of the tree beekeeping to Poland has been led by the WWF and paid by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC). The re-introduction to Switzerland was initiated by FreeTheBees a Swiss charitable bee organization. Now the further promotion within Europe of tree beekeeping, as well as the assurance of the quality of that traditional a and cultural handcraft, is led by the charitable International Tree Beekeeping Association.

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Our Home.

The Association's apiary in North Shropshire

The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire.

We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members new and old can gain experience in handling bees.

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