On the island of Malta, beekeeping courses safeguard bees and a 1000-year-old honey tradition - Inquirer

"On the island of Malta, the BeeAware program is raising awareness of the population’s need to defend bees by providing beekeeping courses. It is a crucial campaign at a time when bees are under threat on a planetary scale ...."

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The Association's apiary in North Shropshire


The Association maintains an apiary at an organic farm in North Shropshire. We hold regular meetings at the apiary during the summer, where members old and new can gain experience in handling bees.

Our Vision

visionWe encourage and develop
the art and science of bee keeping

visionWe strive to educate
Through group meetings, practical out apiary events and educational support 


The North Shropshire Beekeepers' Association - to encourage and develop the art and science of bee keeping